Shipping Costs

We are very aware that shipping costs are big chunk of expanses which are affecting your business. It is not easy task to transport a very fragile product like a fiberglass fairings all around the world, but we always try to find the best way for your business, the good combination between security and transit time.

We can calculate the total of shipping costs after you place an order, because we estimate the size of the order and then we can decide if it is better send via boxes or as a pallet.

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Shipping options

Pallet via ground
Mostly for European business
Pallet via Air
Worldwide transport of pallets via Air (DbSchenker / DHL)
Box Economic
In Europe with DHL and world with Post
Box Express
DHL and UPS in Europe, worldwide FEDEX and UPS.

Shipping via Boxes economic or express Worldwide

Shipping via Pallets

We are shipping all products from our factory based in Czech Republic in Europe. After goods leave our company we will provide you a tracking number so you can control your delivery.
It is important to note that estimate delivery time is fully in charge of transport company, therefore we are not able to control the shipment after it leave our factory. We are happy to help you with communication in case of lost or damage during transport.